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All of the work Studio Ten does is aimed at helping disadvantaged budding artists. There’s no reason for someone’s creativity and talent to be shackled. We want a level playing field where people without the financial backing can realise their potential.

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The studio Ten

Our charity hopes to provide disadvantaged people with free mentoring to become an artist or designer for a year. They’ll undergo training with professionals, and have a real chance of making it in life. We hope to help develop future creatives and nurture their talents. Our charity will work with colleges and universities to help ensure our students can carry on their mentoring elsewhere. We also have an Art Exchange Project in which we aim to take some students on art courses in Spain. The best part is, this entire year of mentoring and training will be totally free for them.

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Help us make it happen

Please get in contact with us if you’re willing to support this cause. We’re a non-profit charity, and all of your proceedings will go towards completing the Studio Ten building. Your money will go to a good place, and help make a huge difference to many lives.

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